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Mom Help is your resource for mom blogs & additional mom related help – Information for Moms by Moms

Mom Help was started in 2012 by a couple of cousins. The moms, Katie & Mandi, had just recently welcomed their first borns into the world and were getting acclimated to motherhood. Along the way they picked up several valuable home remedies from their moms, family and friends. As they both took note of these home remedies they began to get their husbands involved as many home remedies worked but other failed miserably. Colic was an ailment that both Moms battled and eventually overcame. Through this shared struggle the 4 cousins began researching more and more on the internet – which can be both helpful and terrifying. Almost ailment that you look up online will either kill you or lead to cancer. We wanted a central place for Moms, new and old, to find help and other moms to both share with and learn from. The result was Mom-Help! Feel free to browse our home remedies as well as the many other mom blogs that we have teamed up with to create this mom friendly community.